Ultimate Guide On How To Avoid Black Hat Seo

Black Hat SEO is a kind of strategy that uses illegal methods to get higher rankings on Google. Many times websites are unaware of the fact that they are involved in Black Hat SEO and get penalized for that. Although the black hat seo can help your site ranks higher for a little while but ultimately, search engines will demote these kinds of websites quickly. You should have the ability to know what black hat SEO is about so that you can avoid getting involved in the bad practice.

Lets discuss a few factors that indicate signs of black hat SEO.

What Is Black Hat SEO?

SEO means Search engine optimization, and it is a procedure to design a website in a way that it gets visible in Google search results. To drive more traffic to your website, you need to optimize your content innovatively by using SEO techniques. By doing this, you would not need to pay for expensive advertising fees for promoting your brand. Whether you are a brand or a retailer, you need to invest in SEO to earn good profits. There are two types of SEO. White hat SEO and Black hat SEO. Marketing Firm white hat SEO uses legitimate SEO techniques to rank high on search engines, while black hat SEO content is for the search engines and not for humans. In this way, you are misleading the search engines and the users.

The Stigma Of Black Hat SEO Can Turn Out To Be Dangerous

There are two prominent reasons why you shouldnt use black hat SEO for your website. Firstly it provides users a bad experience on your website. Have you ever been to a site where the content doesnt match the content you read in the headlines? Such kind of websites cant earn long term profits, and at the same time, it is an unethical act.

Secondly, your site will be demoted by the search engines. Decades back black hat seo was a common practice and was a successful strategy, but with improvement in algorithms of search engines black hat SEO doesnt stand a chance anymore. So if you are optimizing your website through fake manners, make sure to remember that you will end up getting demoted by search engines.

Paid Links

The popularity of the link is a primary factor search engines consider to rank a website. If a lot of websites link to your website, Google will consider your site a good one. A paid link refers to a kind of link that is obtained by money. If a website page has a lot of links that seem to have no connection with the content, it means the link has been bought.

Many SEO tools detect paid links. These tools provide detailed information on where these links come from and how many links are there. In most cases, the buying of links is done in bulk. If you notice that a website consists of several laundry links that come from unimportant blogs and sites that indicate that at least some of them have been bought.

Hidden Links

Hidden links were widespread back then, though the quantity has lessened you will still encounter this kind of black hat seo from time to time. Hidden links are those who the users cannot see, so they are what they sound. The smart search engine spiders cannot hide secret links. They will thoroughly look into them while they determine the rank of your website. The Google webmaster has designed the particular guidelines for outlaws.

Place the text behind an image
Off-screen links
The text which has a font size of zero
White background should be used with a white text

It’s challenging to go through the back end pages as it requires a lot of time. You can instead use an appropriate seo tool to analyze the entire link of the profile. It will help you in giving the complete list of links on the website also for those who cannot be seen.

Cloaking And Redirecting

Cloaking and redirecting are both considered to be similar types of black hat seo. To put it more simply, urls of cloaking and redirecting show the online users two distinct types of content on their websites. It might have happened with you as well, you click on a particular site but are taken to an entirely different one. In Googles dictionary, this means a hidden or shady redirect. It brings traffic to some other page whose content is ranked high on Google on your website. Most of the time, it happens on a website that has a mobile version. The mobile site can quickly provide a spam url and gain better traffic. Cloacking is most often used by hackers, which makes it difficult to detect that a website is hacked. It is difficult for a typical user to get to know about black hat seo. Nowadays, Google has improved its strategies for detecting spam content quickly.

Private Blog Networks

Some frauds use private blog networks to create backlinks using a series of blogs. They use it to build a domain authority through a different website or increase the ranking of a centrally used website. Google has been trying hard and regularly upgrading to catch these private blog networks. A series of blogs can be found and penalized by Google if they have the same IP address, same owner, or similar content. If it’s easy to create private blog networks, then the more significant disadvantage is that this type of black hat seo can be detected by Google quite easily.

Black Hat Seo Affects Your Ranking

Thanks to new technology Google algorithms are some of the most sophisticated and reputed in the world of seo community. These are frequently used by business owners and intelligently optimized companies who are hoping to achieve higher ranks with the use of relevant keywords. If you get help from a qualified firm, they will undoubtedly help you to build up a fruitful online business. If you use unethical methods, there is a high chance that Google will penalize you with Black hat seo.