Viral Videos And Digital Marketing Seo

If a marketer is able to make a video viral, that promotes a product or service, then that would be a dream come true. A video goes viral, when it is shared on multiple platforms, is viewed and liked by many people. Videos that go viral, are often thought provoking, and if they have an important message hidden in them, then they are often mentioned in famous news websites, like Forbes.

Making a viral video is not a simple task, and each viral video is different from the other. There are elements that a marketer should take into account, if he wants to promote a brand, by making a video go viral Dallas SEO Expert.

Charismatic Speaker

Many videos use speakers and there is no doubt that the speaker has to make a good and everlasting impression on the audience. The speaker should be someone that people know and love, like using a comedian who can naturally make people love, or using a motivational speaker, who can expertly get an important message across to the audience.

However, it is not necessary that a good speaker has to be someone famous. It can be someone who appears to be confident when he or she speaks, has knowledge about what they are saying and dont feel shy in front of the camera.

Start With A Hook

If the first eight seconds of a video doesnt give the audience something to look forward to seeing the whole video, then they would switch off the video right away, and move on to the next one. There should always be something that grabs their attention right from the start. It could be a joke, a question or something that creates an air of mystery.

The attention of the audience can also be grabbed, by using an appropriate thumbnail. It is important to note that if a marketer doesnt sets a thumbnail on his own, then the site on which he is uploading the video, would choose a random thumbnail. The impact of a random thumbnail wont be as much as compared to what a marketer chooses, because he fully understands the concept of the video.

Story In The Video

One thing that grabs the attention of the audience, is the story that they tell in the video. In order to promote a product or service, it is best to tell a story, like showing a connection between real life people and a product. The story should be interesting, must have a message, should not be unnecessarily long and must create an emotion amongst the audience.

For example, if a company wants to promote its health products, then it can include a story about how women or men are body shamed in todays society, and then relate that story to their products. This would give the audience, who are mocked due to their weight, the chance to connect with the brand and what is offered; it will also make them emotionally connect, when they see the message.

Length Of The Video

Depending on the message that a marketer wants to convey through a video, the length should be decided. If the video has to be uploaded to platform like Twitter and Instagram, then they dont allow very long videos to be uploaded and the audience that uses these platforms, prefer not to watch long videos. However, if the platforms are Facebook and YouTube, then the duration of the videos can be long. The main thing here is to assess the attention span of the target audience, through posting some short and long videos, and then assessing which ones get the most attention and reaction from them.

The videos that are created for the purpose of entertaining people, they are usually short. The videos that are created to educate people about something, or to make them aware about a cause, are usually longer.

Using Humor In Videos

It is a very old tactic to use humor in videos and make people laugh. However, the thing that a marketer should remember here is that, there is a fine line between humor and offending a certain group of people. For example, viral videos shouldnt make fun of people based on their appearance; humor should always be light and touchy. Viral videos often contain humor that people can share with others, and they wont feel any hesitation or embarrassment in doing so.

Pop Culture

In order to make videos which have the ability to go viral, marketers should always study pop culture carefully. There are things that are funny and trending, and if a marketer is able to relate those things to his companys product or service, then it will surely catch the attention of the audience. Marketers can draw inspiration from songs, or shows; they can also use characters of famous shows like Game of Thrones. Videos should be about something that people see around them, they can relate to, or find entertainment value in.

Including The Brand

At times, marketers may forget to promote the brand, and just create a viral video. The brand should be promoted subtly in videos; when the audience thinks about the video ad they saw, then they should wonder about purchasing the product as well. Viral videos are a great way to create brand awareness and build brands.

Promote Causes

When marketers create viral videos, they should never forget to show the values of a company; if there are any causes that are close to the heart of the target audience, then the company should always promote it. For example, if the company cares about child labor, and want to create awareness about it, then it can create a touching video about a child, who misses education because he is working all the time.

To promote products all the time, and not care about the society in which a business operates, sends a bad message to the customer. Viral videos are not easy to create, but they do have a huge impact.