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What To Avoid When Hiring A Criminal Solicitor

Being accused of a crime is something that doesn’t disappear simply because you would like it to. In order to defend yourself against your charges, it is in your best interest to hire a lawyer. If you notice any of these signs while you are searching, you should run like the wind and look elsewhere for assistance.

Urging You To Be Dishonest

Whether you know this or not, most attorneys will not ask you about your guilt. They would rather not know since this can sometimes affect the way that they defend you. If it is clear you have committed the crime and your attorney is urging you to be dishonest, you should be very wary. It is the job of the other attorney to prove you are guilty and your lawyer’s job to make sure your rights are not violated. A good lawyer can make this happen without you getting on the stand and committing perjury.

They Have A Flood Of Cases

If your lawyer has a roster that reads like the attendance sheet at a popular university, you should be concerned. You do not want to hire someone who has so many cases on their plate that yours may not end up getting the attention it deserves. Don’t bend on this rule, even if this is someone who has an excellent track record. It would be a shame for you to lose your case because your lawyer was sidetracked by so many other responsibilities.

Assigning You Someone Different Than Expected

Sometimes law firms will have one of their senior attorneys meet with potential clients and gather information, then they are passed off to someone who does not have as much experience. A bad lawyer would be one who purposely leads you to believe they will be handling your case when they know otherwise.

When you have a consultation with someone one-on-one and you decide to hire the firm, it is typically because you are impressed with the person you have a meeting with. No one expects to be passed along without being given a say in the matter.

Searching for and hiring a defence lawyer is a long and often complicated process, and if you are still confused, read here for more information. Your best bet would be for you to avoid anyone you meet who exhibits any of the behaviors that were mentioned above. Otherwise, you may end up with an outcome you are not pleased with.

Why is Workplace Health and Safety is Mandatory

Employers should ensure that their employees are working in a conducive environment. They should not just supply them with the equipment they need. They should also work in an environment that is safe and does not put their health at risk. Not ensuring safety and health for your workers can cost a company a lot in terms of finance and reputation.

Hazards at Work

Whatever sort of business you are, there is always the possibility of an accident or damage to someone’s health. All work exposes people to hazards, be they: loads which have to be manually handled; dangerous machinery; toxic substances; electricity; working with display screen equipment or even psychological hazards such as stress.

The Cost of Safety Failure

The reason there are not even more accidents and diseases caused by work is because systems of prevention are in place which have been built up over generations. Safety does not come about by accident: most accidents happen because they have not been prevented. Yet despite all the precautions that are taken in the UK, there are still over 640, 0001 workplace injuries every year as well as 1.8 million2 cases of ill health caused or made more by work.

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To ensure that your employees are safe you will have to conduct a risk assessment in your company. Find out what needs to be corrected or eliminated. Prevention has always been better than cure.

What is a Risk Assessment?

A Risk Assessment is a systematic method of looking at work activities, considering what could go wrong, and deciding on suitable control measures to prevent loss, damage or injury in the workplace. The Assessment should include the controls required to eliminate, reduce or minimise the risks.

Why conduct a Risk Assessment?

Risk Assessments are a fundamental requirement for businesses. If you don’t know, or appreciate where the risks are, you are putting yourself, your employees, your customers and your organisation in danger.

Employers must look at all work activities that could cause harm in order to decide whether they are doing enough to meet their legal obligations. This is a minimum requirement. If it is reasonably practicable to do so, employers should consider doing more than the legal minimum.

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So what are the benefits of being an employer who ensures that their employees are working in safe and healthy conditions? Well there are several including saving money and time. You will also boost the productivity levels of your staff.

If you could save money, improve productivity, and increase employee morale, would you?

Businesses spend $170 billion a year on costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses — expenditures that come straight out of company profits. But workplaces that establish safety and health management systems can reduce their injury and illness costs by 20 to 40 percent. In today’s business environment, these costs can be the difference between operating in the black and running in the red.


To Your Workplace

Safe workplaces provide the consistency and reliability needed to build a community and grow a business. Workplaces with active safety and health leadership have fewer injuries, are often rated “better places to work,” and have more satisfied, more productive employees. These employees return to work more quickly after an injury or illness and produce higher-quality products and services. Each year, OSHA works with thousands of companies to help create better workplaces, providing assessments and help in implementing safety and health management systems.

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