Some Actionable Seo Techniques

Attracting traffic towards a website isnt easy, but there are techniques SEO experts use to appeal to the people. Every company should aim for unique visitors, who are actually interested in a companys content, and can turn into loyal customers.

Google & RankBrain

RankBrain is a part of Googles algorithm, which is a game changer for SEO service search
. It is a machine learning algorithm, and sees how a user interacts with a page. First, user types a keyword into Google, RankBrain changes that keyword into a concept. Then, it shows the user search engine results for their query. If a page satisfied a user, then RankBrain will uprank that page. If the page doesnt satisfy the user, then they will be shown a different page the next time.

If users are happy from a page, then Google will be satisfied as well. Google has released an official statement, talking about how important RankBrain is; this doesnt mean that links and keywords have lost their importance.

Untapped Keywords

Reddit is a really great place to find untapped keywords. It is a goldmine for those SEO experts, who have run out of keywords, and need some inspiration. On Reddit, SEO experts will find long tail keywords. Firstly, the expert has to find out the subreddit, where they believe the companys target audience is, and then go to that subreddit. For example, if the SEO expert has to write about keto diet, then there is going to be a subreddit about keto diet.

SEO experts can either search for their topic, if they dont know where their target audience posts. On a subreddit, the expert has to go through user comments, to find out the terms people are using to talk about keto diet. It is most likely that they are using the same terms to search about keto diet on Google.

Old Blog Posts

SEO content copywriters might run out of inspiration for topics. In such cases when they are not able to produce any content, they can always update and upgrade the existing content, or republish it. For example, there are blog posts which become viral as compared to others. Such blog posts can be updated with the latest information, or SEO content writers can add more links or statistics in them.

SEO content writers can also republish the old articles, for those who are new to a website. The writer has to make sure that he is able to promote the content properly, like sending an email to customers, to tell them about a new blog post or an updated one.

Attractive Titles

When a title is intriguing and appealing, readers click on it more quickly compared to the ones which have dull titles. If a content writer cant come up with a really good title, then they can get help from Google Adword Ads. The keywords and description that they see for a relevant topic would surely be able to generate more clicks.

Wikipedia Dead Links

To get more traffic for a website, a content writer should visit Wikipedia pages that are relevant to his companys products or services. There are always dead links in Wikipedia, even though it takes time to find them. However, if a content writer does find them, then he can always link them back to an article within the companys website, which is relevant.

Make Content Shareable

It is important that the content SEO experts come up with should be shareable. If they dont get any shares, like on social media websites and external links, then that content would go to waste. Whenever an SEO content writer creates content for a website, it should be shared on social media websites, emailed to customers and promoted on every forum possible. Moreover, when creating content, writers should come up with things that have the ability to go viral within days.

YouTube Descriptions

When content developers post YouTube videos on the video streaming website, they dont write a proper description for it. It is best if the content uploader writes a mini blog for their YouTube video on the website. Moreover, if they want to promote the video through different means, they can write a mini blog post for their website and social media websites. This way, more people will get to know what the recent blog post is about.

Link Building

The links that an SEO content writer creates for his own blog, should be of quality. To find out the best blogs, the writer should search on Google with phrases like best blogs of 2019 or best blogs to follow. The writer should always mention their own niche with this search phrase. This way, they will be able to create quality links for their readers, creating more exposure for their own website and blogs.

Content Writing

When content writers publish blogs, then these blogs should be more than 1800 words. Blog posts have to be long, must offer more information to the reader, and must be helpful. When writers write a 300 word blog post, it can be effective. However, it might not be suitable for every topic. Some topics require more information and research, which cant be covered in 300 words.

Creating Keywords

Instead of looking for keywords online, SEO experts can come up with original keywords as well. For this, they have to find out the most popular keywords in their industry, and then come up with similar keywords. This would be like naming a thing that the company has created. It will show their creativity and innovation. For example, before keto diet was a keyword, someone had an original thought of making it a keyword.

Underperforming Pages

It is most likely that some web pages within a website, get more traffic as compared to others. Such underperforming pages need a boost and content writers can include links in these web pages, to increase traffic towards them.

Featured Snippets

When a user searches something on Google, they often see a summary of what they have searched on the top of the search results. These are featured snippets, and when users see that the snippet contains relevant information, they click on it. SEO content writers should also come up with featured snippets, to boost traffic towards their website.