The Relationship Between Seo And WordPress

WordPress started off as a blogging platform, but now it has turned into a content management system, which can be used for developing websites. WordPress is popular because it is free, and easy to use. When webmasters using WordPress, they can extend their website, and input search engine friendly codes. WordPress can be used for promoting SEO content, in different ways.

SEO-Friendly Theme

WordPress has a default theme, which may not seem attractive to many. In order to promote content through WordPress, a well designed and appealing theme is a must. If webmasters want to choose a good SEO Maimi theme, they should choose one that is mobile friendly, so that it does well on mobile phones and doesnt slow down a page from loading. Moreover, themes which have bloated designs or are linked with third parties would also slow down a website.

WordPress themes have a description which tells whether they are mobile friendly or not. A webmaster can also run the demo for these themes, and get an insight into page speed. However, a theme is not the only reason why a website would slow down; there are other factors like server location and hosting, which can have an impact on the loading speed.


WordPress gives webmasters the option to write permalinks for their web pages. The option of choosing the URL that a webmaster wants the user to see in the SERPs, is in the settings of WordPress. A permalink allows a webmaster to use keywords in the URL, which a user can easily remember, and input. There are different options for setting up a permalink; two most prominent ones are plain and post name. The post name is where a webmaster would input long tail keywords.

Post name is a good option, because it gives people an idea about what the nature of the content is, and it can increase the CTR or click through rate. A post name permalink also increases the chances of a website getting back links.

Breadcrumbs For Users

When a user visits an eCommerce website, and looks through different categories and products, they often see a trail of breadcrumbs on the top, which help them identify where a certain product is coming from. A trail looks something like home>men>pants>red and even though it is not necessary to use them, they still provide several benefits for a WordPress website. When search engines crawl a website, it becomes easier for them to understand what a website is about, and its hierarchy; it also creates an internal linking system, which can be useful for the user, if he wants to return to a web page.

Spam Comments

When content is posted to WordPress, readers comments under the posts; even though some comments are legit, others are spam, where bloggers promote their own blogs. There is an option in WordPress which allows the webmaster to turn off the automatic approval of a users comments. If a comment has to be posted, then it should meet the approval of the webmaster.