Pros And Cons Of Hiring An Seo Expert

SEO is not an easy task, no matter how many tutorials an entrepreneur watches, or the number of books he reads. Companies might want to lessen the burden on their marketing team and hire an SEO expert for the job. However, before they do so, they should know about the pros and cons of hiring an SEO expert

Knowledge Scope

SEO experts often work with companies, for a short period of time, or on contract basis. They have an understanding about how a business functions, the SEO techniques that would be appropriate for a business and the current status of a company. When a company hires an SEO expert, who is known in the industry for his talent, the expert comes with broad knowledge about the industry, the target audience, the keywords that the audience uses, and how to appeal to them.

Fresh Perspective

A person, who is from outside the company, will always have a fresh perspective on how to market products and services. An SEO expert has experience working with many clients and companies, within an industry. They can offer their current employer a unique perspective about their status in the industry, set marketing goals for them, and implement SEO strategies that are customized for that very business.

If an agency employs someone from within the country, who has a little knowledge about SEO, but is not an expert in it, then he wont be able to offer the company a fresh perspective. Moreover, working within a single company, the SEO employee wont have much experience in the field, as compared to an expert who has worked with multiple clients.

Updated SEO techniques

An SEO expert would be able to not only share his expertise with a company, but offer them information about the latest SEO trends. Experts know that every now and then, search engines change their algorithms and SEO experts have to make changes in SEO accordingly. If a company hires an SEO expert, he would be able to adapt to new rules quicker than anyone else, because of his skills and abilities.


When an SEO expert is hired, the experts come with more than just SEO knowledge. They might have knowledge about websites and their features as well; as in what should be done to give more exposure to the website. If a company needs a web developer, then they should find SEO experts, who have the expertise to develop and design websites.

Accountability Of Work

Working directly with an SEO expert would mean that a company can ask for the outcome of an SEO marketing campaign. An SEO expert would use online tools to show the company, the performance of the website and the contribution of SEO towards revenues, sales and profitability. This way, if a company thinks that an SEO expert isnt doing his job well, then they can hire another.

Black Hat Techniques

One of the cons of hiring an SEO expert is that he might use black hat SEO techniques. As a company has limited knowledge about SEO, and cares more about the outcome than anything else, they would see an increase in the number of followers, a positive sign. However, when black hat SEO techniques are used, then SEO experts might buy followers, and show it as good performance. Paid followers are not good, because they dont create organic traffic or increase the conversion rate.

No Changes In The Website

In order to please the client, some SEO experts might state that there website is as good as it is, and there is nothing the SEO expert would change in it. However, in the long run, it can come to the surface that the website did need tweaking, but the SEO expert was only trying to get hired and please the client. A company might feel the loss of sales and revenue during this time, when their website didnt give them any fruitful results, and they had to spend money on an SEO expert.

Hiring Cost

Some companies might feel that hiring an SEO expert would increase their expenses. Even though this is a drawback of a hiring an SEO expert, it could be seen in another light. If the SEO expert is delivering results, then these expenses would seem nothing in the long run. However, if the SEO expert is not doing much for the company, except taking his salary, then this could be an expense for the company.