How Impactful Is Seo For Any Website?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is that process of Search engines through which most relevant and useful information are get by a searcher on SERP. It can be termed as an automatic filter which filters all the information stored in a search engine but gives only that information which it thinks will be more beneficial for the searcher. In this regard, keyword plays a key role in SEO.

Rules of SEO:

While searching the best suitable and relevant information for the searcher, a search engine follows some definite rules. In a search engine unlimited number of information are stored. But when a searcher types a topic or subject it cant display all the information on the screen at a time. So, it finds only that information, which has some relevance with the topic of the searcher. It tries to match the keyword of the topic with the information stored in it. So, the information which are related to the keyword, are only displayed on the screen. Apart from this, it tries to display the contents which are from a trusted page or website. And this selection is done by SEO. So SEOs role is to find the perfect optimized information for a searcher.

Role of Keyword in SEO:

Keyword plays the vital role in SEO. Keywords are nothing but simply the words or phrases which a searcher or visitor of a web page, types in the search box while searching for detail. Depending on the keywords, a search engine searches the relevant information in its store and creates a list of all the pages according to its relevance. Here another question arises regarding the listing of relevant pages in the SERP. It means which page will be in the top of that result page? This is another mechanism of SEO, known as ranking in SERP.

Ranking in SERP:

SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page. A search engine covers a wide variety of information. Among these information search engine ranks some in the top of the search list while other in the bottom of the list. Now what is the basic process of ranking? To be ranked in top, content of the web page must be informative. It must use those words or phrases or better known as keywords which, people often search in the website. The contents of the web pages must be updated. It must be easily found in the websites. Quality content is another factor that matters for SEO to be listed in the top position of the result page.