Get more from the use of Google plus one for SEO purposes

Google plus is the newest innovation to come from Google. It features the latest technologies which aim to show users how to get the most from such a platform. One of the best features within Google plus is Google plus one. This is a pretty amazing feature which allows all Google users to communicate directly to Google and tell them what they love about the feature and then Google responds through improving their page ranks on the internet.

If you’re like many people online, you have a love/hate relationship with Google+. On one hand, you might not be a huge fan of the platform because it’s another social network to manage. On the flipside, Google is the top player in the search engine world. Any time you and your business can do something to get into Google’s good graces, it’s welcome. It’s the latter that makes it so surprising that Google+ isn’t used as well loved as it should be by most businesses.

Believe it or not, as of December 2014, Google+ was ranked the third most popular social network in the world. However, a lot of the users aren’t active. But that doesn’t mean it’s not relevant, because its namesake has so much power over business’s success online. Google owns Google+ so naturally it wants you to use the social network to expand your online presence. Up until a few months ago, Google enticed content producers and business owners to use Google Authorship as a way to stand out in search results. It has since nixed that idea and now encourages websites to use Rich Snippets and Structured Data. There’s a lot to keep up with when it comes to Google, but no matter what you use, one thing is sure:  Having a Google+ presence will boost your search engine rankings.

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Search Engine Optimization was originally the only way through which site content and web sites themselves could be ranked on the popular search engines such as Google. However, since the adoption of Google plus one, it has really transformed the whole essence of pagerank demands and qualities. Through back links, Google could realize details about useful content on websites. For instance, if you have hosted a great site, and have highly ranked backlinks on your site, Google would increase your ranks on their searches.

Google plus one allows you to go to plus one and Google search, point out and acknowledge great web pages and sites. If you plus one a web page, you can share it at that time or wait until a later time. When you share your plus one, you are sharing it with your contacts or people you communicate with through any of your Google accounts. If you choose to share it with contacts, the other people would be sharing that information using Google circles.  With the use of Google circles, you can send your plus one to many groups which are linked to your Google account. Some of these groups are college friends, co-workers, associates, family, and even bosses and social groups. This therefore means that if someone plus ones your website or webpage you are staring at the many referrals which might be directed to your site.

Everyone does not have an audience active on Google+, the number of people who interact or connect socially with any Google products now reportedly exceeds 500 million on a monthly basis. Traffic from Google+ has started to appear significant comparison with Facebook.

The different thing about Google+ is that Google offers traders the opportunity to connect with visitors through many points, including YouTube and in search results. This means that for visitors who interact with you through Google+, the traffic channels multiply. For this mechanism to work, it requires that your visitors actually interact.

Google Plus is a crazy channel if search engine optimization is something you fear about. Surely, SEO is a huge complex topic that earns its own concern but supposing you are at least somewhat conscious of its practices, there are many things you can do to make sure you are gaining the full SEO benefits from using Google Plus.

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