4 Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using Facebook In Seo Miami Digital Marketing

The use of Facebook isnt going to end anytime soon, even though there are other social media platforms that people are using. Facebook is easy to use, and it helps businesses promote their products, without increasing their expenses. People can easily start an online business page on Facebook, where they can upload their products for the world to see.

Massive Exposure

There is no doubt that Facebook provides businesses and entrepreneurs with massive exposure. They are able to reach out to customers, who are not just living in their city, but in other countries. New businesses can study Facebook pages of other established businesses, which would help them learn and get inspired.

Marketing Expenses

If a small business cant afford to hire a website developer, they can simply make a Facebook page and upload content on it. The Facebook page is free and if the small business wants to attract attention of customers, then all they have to do is buy Facebook ads. These Facebook ads allow businesses to target their audience, according to their attributes and demographics.

Brand Loyalty

Through Facebook, brands and customers can easily interact with each other. Facebook messenger help brands chat with their customers privately and provide them with effective support. When Facebook listens to their customers and provide them with quick feedback, then that helps in the creation of brand loyalty. They feel that the brand values them, and even if they raise prices or are late in delivering products, they dont leave the brand.

Website Traffic

Miami SEO a brand wants to increase website traffic through their Facebook page, then they should include links on their page. They can include links of the product web pages, or FAQs to direct customers, who have questions. When customers visit a website of the brand, then that increases the website traffic and it positively impacts the ranking of the page in SERPs. When customers visit the website, then they explore more content and that could increase the conversion rate on the website.

Drawbacks Of Using Facebook

Like every other social media platform that people use on a daily basis, there are drawbacks of using Facebook as a source of marketing. Facebook is popular among people, and though this provides brands with many opportunities, it creates challenges for them as well.

Less Control

Facebook is an interactive medium, where people can comment on each others post and comments. If it is a video or an image, a brand doesnt have any control over what a user would comment under it. Users can comment with text, gif or images, and at times, these comments might not be positive for the brand. Even if the post of the brand has good intentions, there can be angry customers or competitors, who might post negative comments or even abuse other customers.

Duplication & Competition

It is very easy for people to make accounts on Facebook or Facebook business pages. If a competitor wants to break another down or decrease their popularity, then they can pose as the brand, and post content on their behalf. The tactic here is to post content that wouldnt be acceptable for customers, because it is negative or abusive. Moreover, the content that brands post on their Facebook page, is available to public and it can be duplicated or modified, and easily used by other brands.

Maintenance Cost

If people can easily comment and post on a Facebook business page, then the account manager has to filter the posts, delete some and reply to comments on a daily basis. The page should be presentable for new customers, which is why the cost of maintaining a Facebook page for advertising purposes is high. Account managers may find it difficult to delete each and every negative comment or filter it; they would face criticism for deleting negative comments, even if those comments are crossing a line. The account manager has to spend a lot of time on the Facebook page, to make sure that it is not filled with spam comments.

Ad Blockers

If a brand has invested in Facebook Ads, but most users have ad blockers, then this can be very problematic for the brand. If everyone is blocking Facebook ads and no one is noticing them, then that mean people wont be aware about the products of a company, and they wont visit the main website either. This would defy the whole purpose of advertising on Facebook.